November 11, 2017
We lived in her womb, were attached to her breast, and dependent on her for our needs. We played with him, slept in his arms, and depended on his provision by Allah’s leave. The attachment we have to our children cannot be summed up within the scope of this article. Alas, children do grow up....
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Sometimes I am amazed at how big my little girl (aged 2.5 years) seems when she talks. The reason being that sometimes she actually talks like an adult. Why is that? Why does it sound so familiar? Well, because she talks just like me. Just the other day, I caught her having a pretend conversation...
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Assalaamu alaykum! We are so delighted to announce that Ali Huda will be launching 5 TV Apps by the end of this year. You already know your kids can enjoy Ali Huda on our website, mobile and tablet apps for both iOS and Android. However, more and more parents are asking for TV apps. As...
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