Ismail Shaikh
Sarah doesn’t know what to do. Her son AbdurRahman troubles her alot. “I feel so anxious around him in public!” As a single parent, every public outing is a challenging moment for her. She’s often left frozen and embrassed when AbdurRahman begins acting out. She’s tried warning him a few times before. “We are going...
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Have you ever experienced a protective dad or mom moment with your child? How did you react or respond? Hopefully not like me. I had a protective dad moment. It made me say something I shouldn’t have. Because I am imperfect and have moments of weakness and vulnerability. And because I don’t wear my counsellor’s...
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We lived in her womb, were attached to her breast, and dependent on her for our needs. We played with him, slept in his arms, and depended on his provision by Allah’s leave. The attachment we have to our children cannot be summed up within the scope of this article. Alas, children do grow up....
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