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(Brainy Bunch is suitable for kids with ages 2-6) Assalamu alaykum dear Muslim parent and reader: Can I be totally honest with you? In many Muslim households, Islam is taught to children in isolation of other concepts and values. Even worse: We begin teaching basic Islamic values to children too late with regard to their...
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Age Group: 4 to 12 years old Assalaamu alaikum parents! Bedtime is always a drama when kids are not used to a routine. One way to make it special is to make it enjoyable and something to look forward to. How can you make bedtime enjoyable? Well, kids love attention, and this is the time...
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Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu! If you’re a parent with little children, you would know what little busybodies they can be. Two and three year olds spend the majority of their time learning about themselves and the world around them. They are also little copycats and will mimic anything they see. Sometimes it can be funny...
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