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Little kids are very active and they probably need no help when it comes to running and jumping. Developing their gross motor skills through physical activity often comes very naturally to them.

Sometimes we need to give them a push when it comes to making sure they develop their fine motor skills. Helping them learn to use the smaller muscles in their hands, fingers and wrists will help them when the time comes for school readiness later on.

Cutting with scissors, drawing, scribbling, colouring, folding paper and using a keyboard are all ways you can help your little one develop these skills. There are a lot of activities that you can do to help them, but few are as interesting and fun as creative arts.


Khalee’ls Make and Do

If you are not a very creative parent yourself, not to worry. Khaleel’s Make and Do is just the thing for you! Uncle Khaleel has a lot of colourful and crazy ideas. His studio is jam packed with boards, coloured paper, paint, coloured pens and all sorts of arts and crafts tools that little kids would love to get their hands on.


Uncle Khaleel hosts each episode in his crazy, messy, colourful and creative studio. He encourages his munchkins and munchkinets to explore their ideas, research and learn from others, be observant, explore their creativity and learn from their mistakes.


Whether your child is interested in making dinosaurs or dragons, bombastic fantastic princess crowns or superhero masks, you can probably find something fun in this season that they will want to try out.

Each episode has a list of items you will need to make the craft project, so make sure your child is prepared. The episodes are entertaining and well paced so that your child can easily follow the instructions and make the items while watching the videos.

Be warned though, arts and crafts can become quite messy, so make sure your child is in a space where they will be allowed to get glitter on the table and cardboard cuttings on the floor.


This is an engaging series to help your kids get more creative and explore their artistic sides and  helps them try things they would probably never have thought about doing by themselves. The activities are easy to follow but you can still supervise tasks like cutting and gluing, especially with younger kids. The craft projects are actually quite fun and interesting compared to a lot of other arts & crafts videos out there and it helps prepare them for school-readiness activities and develops their creativity

Tips for enhancing your child’s creativity

  • Create a space that allows them to be messy. Creativity is unrestrained. Let kids explore their imaginations and ideas without worrying about sticking to all the rules.
  • Encourage them to add their own versions, flavours and personalities to everything they make. Let your child find their own ways of doing it.
  • Give them some freedom. Try not to hover over them and show them exactly how it should be done. Allow them to find their own process.
  • Start a conversation about your child’s artwork or craft when they are done and ask them to tell you more about it and how they felt about making it.
  • Stock up on art supplies, recyclable boxes, cartons, rolls, pens etc. that they can use to make their own crafts.
  • Research, collect and share ideas with your kids. Look for examples of things they might like to try out or that fascinate them (and you).
  • Let this be a time to be silly and use their imagination.
  • Learn to be okay with imperfect. Sometimes your child’s arts and crafts may not be what you expected or how you might have done it, but it’s more about the process of them learning to be creative and experimenting with new ideas than them creating something perfect that fits all the rules.

Give your kids a little creative time with Khaleel’s Make and Do. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to use this discount especially for our blog readers.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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