Kit n’ Kate Show Review

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(Kit n’ Kate is suitable for kids with ages 2-8)

Assalamu alaykum dear Muslim parent and reader:

Seriously, how do you cope with your child growing up?

It can be very difficult for parents to watch their children grow, and often, it seems like our kids go from cute little babies to moody teenagers to independent adults so quickly.


Although parents can help their children learn to be resilient in the face of everyday obstacles…

…there’s no doubt It is overwhelming and challenging.

Meet Kit n’ Kate: Two Little Kitties Helping Your Kids Find Answers To Difficult Questions

Kit n’ Kate is a thrilling educational animation series about two little kitties who learn how to make the right choices in life while enjoying magical adventures in their playroom.

In each episode, the kitties meet a mysterious stranger (who always happens to be their Mum or Dad in disguise) that helps the kids solve all the puzzles and enjoy even the bumpiest of rides.

Kit-Kate-show-reviewWhat’s more:

The two kitties named Kit and Kate have a magic toy box, and soon as they hop inside, crazy things start to happen.

They magically transform their room into a blueberry island, race track or a medieval castle that creates a whole new world with amazing discoveries, surprises, and not-so-easy-to-solve dilemmas!

The Characters:

Kit n’ Kate has two main characters – Kit and Kate. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.


I think we can all agree that all children are different from each other.

They differ in their physical appearance, in intelligence, in temperament, and in behavior.

Kit-the-main-charcterThink of Kit is the big brother that is always there for her little sis…

…devoted to love, care, teach, and provide endless affection for Kate.


Kate, on the other hand – is that cute, stubborn little sister.

Always up to something deleterious or unpleasantly frightful.

Kate-show-reviewThink I’m exaggerating?

One day [Kit and Kate] were setting out to scale Swiss Cheese Mountain, and there were certain activities that were for adults and big kids only.

But Kate still insisted to do those activities, hence the endangerment.

Recommendations + Tips for making the best out of Kit n’ Kat:

  • Monitor your child’s television, video game, Internet use, and encourage them to watch one or two episodes each day
  • Evaluate and change (if necessary) your own TV habits and watch the show with your kids
  • Talk to your children about the lessons in the Kit n’ Kate show – this will give you an opportunity to debrief them about the rights and wrongs in them
  • Start a TV show Journal – To make good use of programme, ask your kids answer questions like who were the characters? What did they learn? What was good? What was bad?
  • Point out similarities between everyday events and lessons in the show
  • Plan Your Time


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Jazāk Allāhu Khayran.

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