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Recommended for Ages 2 – 8

At the early stage of development, children are only beginning to develop their physical/motor, cognitive and social skills. They struggle with understanding the world and the effect of their actions on others and vice-versa. Their response to situations is based on learning by association, i.e. acquired behavior as a result of the environment they find themselves.

One of the most important parts of childhood development is learning and imbibing proper social behavior. There is a whole system of values, norms, teachings and etiquette which constitute the institution of child upbringing. These values are usually passed from generation to generation; becoming the lifeblood of a functional society, and in turn influencing their concepts of daily life.


Kukuli is a delightful series which aims to teach some of these crucial topics in the most fun and engaging manner. Your little one will learn values such as social etiquette, personal hygiene, healthy competition, logic, etc.

Every story highlights a different lesson to be learnt, using brilliant screenplay and concise episodes. Each episode features funny songs with catchy lyrics that will embed the lesson in your child’s mind, as they dance their socks off to the upbeat rhythms.


Kukuli is our central character; a little monkey who is always up to some naughtiness, with a tendency to go bananas (no pun intended 😀) A lot of the teachings in the show are focused on Kukuli as the intended recipient.

Minky is the cool dude who breezes through the show, set to take over the world. In reality, he is a natural walking disaster, much like the little boys running around our own homes.

Tinky is a feisty girl with an obstinate attitude -she has to be, with the mischievous cast she’s saddled with! She combines this strong will with sensitivity, making her relatable to most girls who grow up surrounded by a strong male presence.

Dutu is a shiny, red car which can talk! It portrays a slightly older figure in the plot with the voice of reason and a mediator of sorts in most of the adventures.


• Engage your little audience by discussing the lessons from each story, so they can readily adapt it to real life

• Set daily or weekly goals to demonstrate a value learnt from an episode

• Bust a move with your kids and have them follow the steps to the dances in the show.

• Dancing not your cup of tea? How about belting out the lyrics to the songs together with the kids. Karaoke contest anyone?


Come on an adventure with Kukuli and his friends as they play out the typical journey travelled by kids on the road to acceptance and finding their feet in society. This is a valuable tool in teaching lessons that will enhance cognitive development and emotional intelligence.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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Khadeejah is a lawyer turned writer who enjoys telling stories that represent the Islamic and African narrative. She lives in Nigeria, where she runs a home spa business and loves to test recipes in her spare time. You can follow her on Instagram @scarf_face_


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