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 6 – 12

It’s important for kids to explore new ideas and be able to see things from different perspectives.  One of my favourite subjects was Anthropology because it taught me about other people. It was fascinating. Just learning how other people live, the problems they deal with, their daily lives and their ways of thinking is a good way to make us take stock of our own lives.

I want to share the same passion of fascination with other people and cultures with my child. I want him to explore the world and be brave and fearless to learn new things. I want him to enrich his mental, physical and spiritual capacity and grow up with a holistic mindset. It is so refreshing to see a video series with these similar intentions.


Little Explorers – The Den

The Den is a place that helps kids discover and learn Islam in a fun way! The Series is a complete package with lots of learning and activities kids would love to dwell in. The different elements like exploring, learning, creating and narrating help kids to develop all different skills in one place.


Uncle Idris – He is the main character in the show and the Den is where he lives. He is a very knowledgeable man with many wise lessons to share. He is full of fascination for the world around him and he loves to explore. You can learn so much just by listening to him. He always has something new and interesting to talk about or show us.

Uncle Ijaz teaches us about Arabic, the language of Islam and the prophet peace be upon him.


Little Explorers – The Den  encourages children to think, explore, learn about Islam and have fun all in one! It teaches kids to be mindful of Allah in everything they do, because everything comes from him.

The show has four segments:

  • Explorer Learning – new and exciting adventures learning about life and the world we live in, exploring everyday things from different perspectives. Every video has new and exciting adventures to embark on and you’ll never know what you’re going to discover next.
  • Learn Arabic – Uncle Ijaz joins us to teach the Arabic alphabet and new words we can use. Each episode features a few new letters and words for kids to learn.
  • Creative Den – This is the creative part of the show where kids get to see and do. It’s a time for making things that we learnt about, like Bismillah posters and our very own inspirational mini-garden.
  • Story-time – When it’s time for story-time, uncle Idris reads from “The Big Book,” It is filled with stories about the Prophets and their lives. Each story helps us learn to live our own lives a little better and a little closer to Allah.

Each segment contributes to building a generation of fearless learners to show that kids can learn anything.


This is a really good show that is intellectually and spiritually stimulating for kids. They get to learn about the world around them, experiment with being creative, learn a little bit of Arabic and then listen to a story that they can learn Islamic values from.

In the first episode we learn about homes around the world and how grateful we should be for everything we have.

It helps parents teach kids about respect, gratitude and appreciation what Allah has given us. We also learn about the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) home and how modest and simple it was.

Each episode has something new to explore. You can learn about soil, fruits, the importance of being clean, how to make wudhu, the story of Zamzam and a host of other topics.

Tips for making the best of Little Explorers – The Den

  • Get a copy of the World Map so your kids can learn about the different places that you get to explore and where the stories take place
  • Let them explore for themselves. See if they can identify in real life, some of the things they learnt about in the videos such as different types of soil.
  • Help them to create a mind-map to further explore the topic of discussion and add questions they would like to learn the answers to
  • Help them to do independent self-learning activities about these and related topics.
  • Give them a chance to be explorers and help them find new things to investigate and learn about themselves

Be sure to check out Little Explorers – The Den and if you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to use this discount especially for our blog readers.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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