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Ages 6-8

Stories are such a huge part of our lives, that they come as naturally as eating to human beings. A story is basically any series of events on a particular topic related by a person to an audience -be it sharing how our day went over dinner, or relaxing with a book or movie.

The art of storytelling serves many functions in the development of an individual. Stories have been shown to facilitating academic learning; Virtues are taught through fables or folklore; We can broaden our horizons and make emotional connections through stories. They are truly what make life worth living.

From childhood, we develop a natural liking for breaking away from the routine of normal life and escaping to a world of make believe. I mean, we probably all had daydreams and played pretend with our friends -both real and imaginary! This is why it is vital that we are telling the right stories, to children especially. They should convey messages which reinforce positive values and help shape their perspectives of life.


Marvelous Stories From Qur’an takes story time to a whole different level. It is centred around an interesting plot that draws lessons from the Qur’an with inspiring personalities. The show follows the life of a royal family, set in a picturesque kingdom.

Ali Huda Marvelous Stories From Qur'an

Each episode begins with an event in the lives of the characters, which prompts a corresponding story narrated by an elderly judge to his two grandchildren, Safa and Saffiyudeen; and their mother, Princess Salma. The Caliph, Prince Khalid, palace officials and servants all add to the rich tapestry of this enchanting show.

Ali Huda Marvelous Stories From Qur'an

Marvelous Stories From Qur'an

Verses of the Qur’an are incorporated into the show in a manner which gives context to the stories. Some of these verses were revealed specifically to address issues which form the background of the story.

The show alternates between the major plot and featured stories seamlessly, properly capturing the lesson to be learnt from that episode.

Ali Huda Marvelous Stories From Qur'an


Ali Huda Marvelous Stories From Qur'an

Kids will enjoy the adventures of the little prince and princess, as they learn from their grandfather’s wisdom and the infectious soundtrack which fits right in with the exotic Arabian theme prevalent through the series.

Ali Huda Marvelous Stories From Qur'an


• Step up your game by making this a part of your regular bedtime routine. Settle in with your tucked in child to watch an episode in place of conventional stories and bedtime will become less of a struggle

• Create the right ambience to enable your little one drift to sleep after story time

• Engage your little audience by discussing the lessons from each story, so they can readily adapt it to real life

• Encourage your child to create short stories about their daily experiences to improve their creative abilities. Also help them understand the difference between storytelling and tall tales.


Marvelous Stories From Qur’an is a favourite amongst Muslim kids all over the world. For the first time exclusively on Ali Huda, they can now enjoy the show in English.

This is a fun, no-stress method of teaching valuable lessons to kids, developing their communication skills and helping them face difficult situations with ease.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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Khadeejah is a lawyer turned writer who enjoys telling stories that represent the Islamic and African narrative. She lives in Nigeria, where she runs a home spa business and loves to test recipes in her spare time. You can follow her on Instagram @scarf_face_


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