Max The Excavator Show Review

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(Max The Excavator is suitable for kids with ages 2-5)

Assalamu alaykum dear Muslim parent and reader.

How many times do you have your kids at home, and wonder what you can do to keep them entertained?

No doubt, kids can be entertained in thousands of different ways, yet parents and adults often run out of ideas when a bored child puts them on the spot.

Meet Max The Excavator: A Thrilling Program For Learning New Words While Having Fun

Excavator max is a fascinating animation series, full of fun activity, energy, and excitement – ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

The show consists of over 30 episodes which are relatively short, entertaining,  and delightful to watch.

max-excavator-show-reviewWhat’s more:

Excavator Max will not only inspire your kids to develop an interest in learning and exploring new words, it will also enlighten your kids fun facts about the vehicles and machines.

Show Features:

  • Excavator Max will encourage your child’s thinking and exploration of the different activities performed in the show
  • The show will also help your kids discover and understand some of the complex parts of vehicles and machines like Tractors, Caterpillars etc
  • Each episode brings a fun activity for Excavator Max where he needs to find the surprise egg or to look for the missing ball on his carousel
  • The show is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, as it develops an interest in kids to learn and explore new words
  • The clear narration will not only help your child hear the words but also manipulate the sounds in them so they can pronounce the words right


The show has one main character named Max – let’s look at him in more detail.

Excavator Max:

Max enjoys building machines and vehicles, playing hide and seek, and finding the surprise egg to build a vehicle in the playground.

Often patient, and very smart. Max is an intelligent excavator!


Recommendations + Tips for making the best out of Max The Excavator

  • Limit your child’s “screen time” – television, computers, video games, etc
  • Watch the show with your child so you can help him/her understand what he’s seeing and hearing
  • Find a way to talk to your child about the different challenges Max faced during the show and how he was able to overcome them
  • Make very specific rules about when they can and cannot watch the show, for example, do not allow them to watch the show during meals, homework etc
  • Additionally, make it a rule that they must finish homework or chores before watching the show
  • As the show develop an interest in your kids, encourage your child to practice the newly-learned words in different ways to reinforce their word-learning


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Are you ready for some fun-learning for your child?

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Jazāk Allāhu Khayran.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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