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Age 9 – 12

The Muslim Ummah is rich and diverse, with many variations languages, cultures and locations.  Despite being such a widespread population, with pockets of Muslims in many remote locations all over the world, we all have one thing in common — a sense of belonging. No matter who you are, where you come from, how you speak or what you look like, you can be proud to be part of one Ummah.

Our kids need to learn that Muslims come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and races, all with different languages and faces.  Whether you are a revert in Mexico or born into a Muslim family in Pakistan, whether you speak Chinese or French, you still belong to the same Ummah.  You are still part of one brotherhood.

It is about common belief and faith. It is about what we can share, the phrases, the stories, the books, the celebrations and the struggles. It is no longer about how different we are, but more about how the same we are.

Muslims of the World

This is a brilliant littleseries of documentary style videos giving us a glimpse into the lives of different populations of Muslims around the world.

They say travel broadens your horizons because you get to see and experience how other people live. While we all do not have the opportunity to visit every corner of the world, this series easily helps your little one to see how other Muslims experience their lives.

It gives you a chance to peer into how the other half lives and experience the everyday things such as food, work, prayer and family life. It finds the extraordinary in small, ordinary things we often take for granted.


Spend a few minutes learning some important facts that will fascinate and amaze parents and kids alike. Did you know that Kenya has 4.5 million Muslims from its population? And Malaysia has the tallest twin tower in the world while Abu Dhabi has got the world’s largest chandelier?  Watch this series to learn more about our brothers and sisters around the world.

This is an interesting series for older kids who are bored with kids cartoons and want something else to watch. It is very educational as well as entertaining. There are many sights to see and fascinating facts you probably had no idea about.

Let your kids catch a glimpse of life in the other side of the world and allow them to imagine what it might be like for a child their own age living in another country! 

Tips on how to make the best of Muslims of the World with your child

  1. Before you watch the episode, ask your child what they know about the country, and what they expect life to be like there.
  2. Help your child to practice attentive listening and see how many quick facts they can remember from the short videos.
  3. After watching, discuss whether your child what they learnt about Muslims in that country.
  4. Take the teachable moments and make the most of it by helping your child learn about gratitude for what we have that other Muslims may not.
  5. Make an interesting themed family evening with a dinner inspired by the country you just learnt about together.
  6. Teach your child to make dua for the whole Ummah and remember Muslims whose lives are a daily struggle.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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