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Ages 2-3

The terrible twos –the period every parent dreads, and makes you wonder how the adorable baby you had a few months ago transformed into this little monster. Tantrums, grandiosity and irrational behavior are all hallmarks of toddlerhood, which has been famously described as the “celebration of me.”

At this crucial stage, children are only beginning to develop their physical/motor, cognitive and social skills. They struggle with understanding the world and the effect of their actions on others and vice-versa. They will test their new found autonomy to the limits and truly believe in their omnipotence until they can better comprehend feelings like empathy.

Watching Om Nom in his stories is similar to viewing how the average toddler navigates the world. The curiosity, innocence and boundless energy with which he approaches his adventures are traits that we see every day in our little munchkins. This series provides that vital insight into the mind of a child to help them identify with and understand in their own unique way, the intricacies of the world around them.


Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

The central character in this cartoon is Om Nom, a cute, little Nomie who loves to eat candy. Together with his friends Evan, the Nomies and other characters we meet along the way, he goes on different quests and candy hunting adventures, while time travelling or exploring the world.

Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

The show is grouped into episodes with a continuous theme. Each episode has a fun task embedded within, such as finding hidden objects, spotting the difference, or guessing the country in the episode.

Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

The stories are kept brief –an average of two minutes per episode- to engage its little audience with short attention spans. There are a number of unique episodes, which story lines are repeated to suit the particular task at hand. This also creates a sense of familiarity in the minds of the little ones.


• Engage your toddler with the tasks that accompany each episode. These fun tasks are designed to improve their powers of concentration and boost their knowledge bank.

Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

• Your little one probably shares a significant characteristic with Om Nom –a love of candy! You could reward him/her with small portions of this sugary delight for acing tasks in the episodes, or even activities in their normal daily routine.

Om Nom Stories Ali Huda

• The first few episodes featuring Om Nom and his human friend, Evan, are a lesson in caring for another being besides oneself. If you have a pet at home, you could assign some duties, such as feeding or cleaning to your child –under adult supervision of course. These will help develop their sense of responsibility.


As toddlers explore the world beyond the cocoon of warmth they are used to, they can be overwhelmed by all there is to absorb. Understanding how their minds work can help both parent and kids endure and possibly enjoy the terrible twos.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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