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Assalaamu alaikum parents!

Music is all over the place these days. Little kids are singing the weirdest songs and I doubt they even know the meaning of the twisted words they are saying. I was watching my niece the other day and she was singing some weird nursery rhyme she learnt at play-group. At two years old, she can barely speak, but she already knows all the words to this little song.

I always thought that the most inane thing to teach a child was a nursery rhyme. Did you really ever stop to listen to the words and what they mean? Why would anyone want to sing their baby to sleep with the song of Rock-a-by baby?

Rock a by Baby

On the Tree Top,

When the Wind blows

The Cradle will rock

When the Bough breaks

The Cradle will fall,

Down tumbles Baby,

Cradle and all.

Seriously? That’s pretty dark right? I mean your kid will be having nightmares instead of sweet dreams. Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo-Peep, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, they are all a little bit off! What are nursery school teachers thinking?

I don’t think little Muslim kids should ever utter these silly songs, actually no kid should! They don’t even think about the words, they just learn the rhyme and the beat.

The music helps them learn. They know the melody of the song before they even know what they are saying, and before you know it, it’s stuck in their heads… forever!

Why not use rhythm and rhyme to teach your kids something Islamic for a change?


Music may be a tenuous topic, but if you want your kids to learn something more educational than the nursery rhymes they sing at school, and that will help them in real life, tune into Omamo.

Omamo is a well animated series filled with exciting  Islamic songs for little kids. The music is used to help kids learn important Islamic aspects that they can use everyday! Each episode is aimed to help kids learn and remember things in an entertaining way.



Omamo is upbeat and entertaining with the cutest characters, Mohamed and Momo. Join them as they learn about important things in a young Muslim’s life, like saying Bismillah and when to read Salat. They go on all kinds of musical adventures, learning and singing. Little kids will have fun singing along with them.


The videos use song and rhyme to help little ones learn topics such as remembering when to say Bismillah, the names of the five daily salaat, Alif, Ba, Ta and the rest of the alphabets as well as the names of the prophets!

The animations are vivid and colourful, something little kids will love. They will definitely pick up on the beat and before long you will hear them humming, “Alif, ba, ta…” along with Mohamed and Momo.

So, if you want your kids to hum along to something more Islamic than Jack and Jill or Ring Around the Rosies, tune in to Omamo and get them jamming to something educational.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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Zahara is an entrepreneur, homeschooling mom, education specialist, UX designer and writer. She currently lives in South Africa and works with social enterprises and faith based companies around the world. You can see some of her projects at http://zaharacassim.com/


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