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6 – 8 Years

When we look around us, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when things weren’t as sophisticated as they are today. An easy example of this point is the comparison between life while we were growing up and that in which our children are now growing in. Can they picture a world without cars, fast food or internet? Probably not!

Knowledge is the bedrock of our modern civilization, with new discoveries constantly emerging across various fields such as science, law and economics. A lot of this knowledge is founded on the works of ingenious people who lived in an era long before ours -a period our kids would regard as the stuff of nightmares.

Aristotle, Plato and Socrates are names that children will most likely come across in history or philosophy class, but will they learn about Ibn Sina, or Al Razi and the many scholars of the Islamic Golden Age, whose writings and teachings greatly influenced the development of civilization as we know it? Who were these unsung heroes of our past? What were their stories; their legacies? These are the questions Oriental Scholars seeks to answer.


Oriental Scholars is an educational program which celebrates the scholars of our past. It sheds light on their accomplishments, and the influence they have left on modern times.

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda

Each episode introduces a different scholar, exploring their background, education, discoveries and inventions. These scholars made their marks in the areas of medicine, astronomy, engineering, with one even pioneering research in optics.

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda

The stories are told in language that is easy for kids to understand. Also, the use of colourful illustrations and the adventure themed soundtrack literally transport them back in time, making them a part of the story.

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda


Engage your child with these activities to enhance their viewing experience and help them relate the series to everyday life.

• Have a little quiz on what was learnt, before the summary pops up at the end of each episode

• Turn this into a fun geography lesson by pointing out places mentioned in the episode on a map or globe (the kids will particularly love taking turns to spin!)

Oriental Scholars Ali Huda
• This is the perfect conversation starter on “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The many subjects and areas studied by the scholars can help stimulate a child’s imagination

• Have a child who isn’t too keen on schoolwork? Help them value dedication to studies by drawing on the stories of the scholars who began their education at such a young age


This is a great series to teach children about the intellectual contributions of Islam to the world. Having this knowledge sparks a joyous pride in being a part of a faith with such rich history.

Apart from being educative, the stories of the Oriental Scholars inspires ambition in their little minds to do amazing things and maybe create some pretty cool inventions along the way.

For blog readers who haven’t subscribed yet, here’s a 50% discount to get those little scholars started on their way!

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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