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Assalamu alaykum dear Muslim parents and readers,

We are launching our Muslim parenting blog. Meanwhile you might wonder why on Earth we would do that while the internet is full of blogs.

I am glad you asked. Let me share our story & motivations.

A Part Of Something Larger

As you may know by know that Ali Huda is “Netflix” for Muslim kids. In other word, we provide edutainment (education + entertainment) for Muslim children as an alternative to YouTube, Netflix or any other media channel.

Yet, it is not about us. We are a part of something larger.

We believe we are a part of Muslim parents community who are eager to learn to do their best in parenting, raising, educating and inspiring Muslim kids for a brighter future, inshaAllah.

Learning & Feedback

This blog also helps us to open a communication channel to understand Muslim parents better. It will also help us learn from you as a reader and a customer of Ali Huda based on your feedback.

It is also a reminder for us that we don’t know all. We should be humble to always listen to and respond to improve.

Empowering Muslim Mommy Bloggers

We know there are many Muslim Mommy Bloggers with vast knowledge on parenting, raising, educating and inspiring Muslim kids.

InshaAllah, Ali Huda Blog will be one of the hubs to empower these Muslim Women and their voice.

Sharing Is Caring

Last, but not the least, with all these knowledge, it would go all into waste if we don’t share and implement it with wisdom.  So our kids will our legacy which pleases Allah SWT and humanity.


O, Allah, make this effort of ours a success! Increase us in knowledge that will benefit us and our children here and hereafter.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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Father of 3 Amazing Kids. Founder of Ali Huda.


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