Islamic History
Islam was sent to the Arabs at a time when their ignorance was at its peak. From a group of camel herders, the Arab nations achieved growth and glory through Islam. But what was it about Islam that transformed their state from one extreme to the other. What was it that led to the Islamic...
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Ages 6-8 Can you think back to your first encounter with learning the Qur’an? I bet it was sometime in your early childhood; around three to five years old. To the average pre-schooler in the beginning stages of Islamic studies, this activity is little more than a performance to roll off weird, melodious words from...
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6 – 8 Years When we look around us, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when things weren’t as sophisticated as they are today. An easy example of this point is the comparison between life while we were growing up and that in which our children are now growing in. Can they...
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