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(Ummi is suitable for kids with ages 2-12)

Assalamu alaykum dear Muslim parent and reader.

Admit it: At some point in your life…

…you’ve  probably wondered how you are going to raise your first child to have good manners or simply practice some basic Islamic morals and values.

Either way:

Being a good parent is no easy task.

From the moment of birth onwards you are entirely responsible for the physical, mental and emotional well-being and upbringing of another human being.

Honestly, it’s challenging.

Meet Ummi: A Captivating Program For Educating Good Values And Morals

UMMI is a fascinating, action-packed animated series created by HudHud Media infused with entertainment and educational values for children with ages 2-12.

Each episode features fun sing-along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries a message of daily prayers and good deeds.


The show’s aim is to leave a legacy of strong moral values based on the teachings of Islam for our children and the generation after them.

In fact:

Ummi’s role is to advise children and act as the children’s icon…

…conveying and educating good values and the meaning of life.


Ummi has several interesting characters. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Ummi: The Main Character

Ummi is a charming, warm-hearted woman.

She educates her children with sympathetic stories mainly taken from the Quran and Hadiths to educate her children – Putri, Alif, Hanna, Aiman & Atan.

ummiLoving, caring and often the emotional backbone…

…Ummi brings unity and structure to the family.


Atan does two things really well.

He observes the world around him, and he asks lots of questions.



Putri is a sweet, empathetic kid, with a wonderful imagination.

Often smiling, and making her siblings content.



Alif is a smart, bright young kid.

Always witty and humorous – he was raised with basic Islamic morals and a good understanding of the world.


He once proved the power of positive thinking and hard work by mastering some slick football skills despite being teased as fat legs.


Hana is a warm heart.

Fun and playful + she’s also patient and very smart.



Aiman is a loud, chaotic kid.

One day he was upset and disappointed when he didn’t score very well at school.

ummi-aimanHe started to think that he was an utter failure, but Ummi’s story about the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) made him realize that anything is possible if we take the right steps and efforts to succeed.

Recommendations + Tips for making the best out of Ummi:

  • Monitor your child’s television, video game, Internet use, and encourage them to watch one or two episodes each day
  • Be a good example and watch the show together with your kid
  • Ask questions
  • Have them tell you a “story” that relates to the events of the show
  • Point out similarities between everyday events and lessons in the show
  • Talk to your child about the lessons found in the show – this will give you an opportunity to debrief them about the rights and wrongs in them


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ummi-songsJazāk Allāhu Khayran.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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