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Kids today are very easily corrupted. It’s not that they are any different from previous generations, it’s just that these days our kids are bombarded by the media that tries to subvert them at every possible opportunity. While you may be monitoring what your kids are watching on television and mobile, you can’t always control what they listen to.

Music is everywhere. And, while the permissibility of musical instruments may be unclear in Muslim households around the world, one thing is clear, the lewd lyrics and promiscuous videos that accompany them are definitely a no-go.

The problem is, kids don’t’ really know what they are listening to. Often you will hear kids singing away to tunes they heard on somebody’s phone or on the tv, not really understanding what the song means or what it is suggesting.

If the thought of your five year old belting out the words to Anaconda or Despacito ( or whatever it is kids are listening to these days) does not bother you, you really should take heed. It’s difficult to find Islamic songs that kids will enjoy but Alhamdulillah I must say, as a proud South African, I’m glad to see Zain Bhikha on this channel.

Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhika is a South African singer and song-writer. His songs are uplifting and inspiring and he has a huge following worldwide.  A lot of Muslim kids here, including my son grew up listening to his nasheeds. The good thing about his  lyrics are that they are written and sung in a way that can easily be understood by kids. They teach Islamic values, history and personal development.

I remember when my son was first learning about the Kaaba and prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam, we hunted all around town to find Zain Bhikha’s nasheed, “Mountains of Mecca.” We bought it for my son, but we were hooked and we listened to it everywhere we went. I am sure if it comes on now, ten years later, he will still be able to sing along.

This channel will make your day. If you are feeling down or just need a pick-me-up or even just something to entertain your kids with for a while and get them into a better mood, there is nothing more inspiring than Zain Bhikha’s lyrics.

They are fun to listen to and very educational. Every word is meaningful and inspiring. Zain delivers messages of faith reassuring people that looking to Allah, is the hope mankind needs.


Many of his songs represent significant times in his life and the lessons he has learnt through personal experience. Watch Ca C’est La Vie, where Zain sings about  the story of young Humayra Bodhania and her struggles with Pulmoary Hypertention, a very rare illness.

The song speaks about her strength, her immense compassion and endurance, and is an inspiring story about the unconditional love that always prevails. My son actually had the pleasure of meeting Humayra and Zain at one of his workshops with schools to help educate kids about the illness.

As a Muslim parent, you want your kids listening to and being influenced by people with good values, who live what they preach. You don’t want them being influenced by artists who are going to lead them down the wrong path.

Listen to songs like ‘Allah Made Everything’, one of the latest singles from his new  album “The Passing Traveller”. This is  a fun filled, children’s song that reminds unlike all of other creations that remember Allah, human beings are the only ones who tend to forget their maker.

These nasheeds are catchy and you will find your kids humming along to it the whole day. There are a lot of original tunes as well as more familiar ones like covers of Heal the world and A is for Allah.


If you are looking for soothing, peaceful nasheeds that you want your kids to listen and learn from, be inspired by and carry in their heads and hearts all day, make sure you tune into this show. Zain Bhikha’s nasheeds will give you a spiritual lift as he encourages people to be proud of their beliefs, of who they are and to work towards a better, united world with his gift.

Be sure to check out Zain Bhikha and if you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to use this discount especially for our blog readers.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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Zahara is an entrepreneur, homeschooling mom, education specialist, UX designer and writer. She currently lives in South Africa and works with social enterprises and faith based companies around the world. You can see some of her projects at http://zaharacassim.com/


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