An Orphan’s Story: Suraiya Sharmin

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Orphans in Need is a charity based organization, dedicated to helping orphans and their families by providing long-term solutions to ensure sustainability.

Currently, they are supporting over 20,000 orphans in 14 countries.

As you may already know that Ali Huda joined forces with Orphans in Need’s mission to creating a better world for everyone, we donate 10% of profits on our users’ monthly membership fees, to support as many orphans as we can.

We previously shared how we changed the life of Ousmane together. There are many such life change stories to share with everyone.

Here’s a story of a 11 year old girl whose life was changed for the better:

Suraiya Sharmin

11 Years Old

This is Suraiya from Bangladesh:

She lost her father after his battle with cancer in 2012.

What followed after the tragic loss was worse than expected. She started living in the slums of Rajshahi city in a two-room shelter with her mother and brother.

Suraiya Left Her Studies

Suraiya’s father was a shopkeeper who owned a small grocery store which was their main source of income. Due to her father’s illness, they had to spend whatever they had, which left them with no savings.

After the demise of Suraiya’s father, her mother started to work as a tailor, but her earnings were not sufficient to cover the basic needs and send them to school.

As her mother became quite ill due to the hard work, Suraiya dropped out of her studies to lessen the burden on her mother.

Orphans in Need Intervened to Help Suraiya

Thanks to all those who sponsor Orphans in Need. They are able to help Suraiya to get back to her school life. Now she and her family are less stressed about paying for tuition and fulfilling their basic needs.

Suraiya and her family receive food parcels every month that consist a range of ingredients, all locally sourced and wholesome. This gives them access to having meals that are rich in nutrients for a healthy and better living.

After Suraiya had her health checks by the charity, it was found that Suraiya was having nutritional deficiencies. Now the organization is focusing on providing food for her to balance her nutrient levels.

Support the Orphans in Need

Are you interested in giving a better life for an orphan like Suraiya?

If you are already an Ali Huda user, you are also a part of supporting the Orphans in Need charity. 🙂

We donate 10% of profits on your monthly membership fees to Orphans in Need.

You can also watch how we changed the life of Ousmane here:

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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