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History, civilizations, accounts and more – the gen Z is taught all aspects of the world’s past, present and potential future. All that is great until you realize that their religious legacy is never really brought to light. Generation after generation passes and the rich legacy is lost within the pages of unread books compiled by wise and knowledgeable scholars. Among other things which Muslim youth are unaware of, are the histories of beautiful and culturally rich Mosques around the world.

This is not something to be taken lightly. If you look at these mosques and read their histories, they speak volumes about the Muslim Empire when it was at the pinnacle of its glory. Interestingly, each Mosque also mirrors the culture of the place it was built in. Together the culture and the history harmoniously rests in these Mosques, where people still congregate for their daily prayers.

It is time to acquaint young Muslims with the legacy of their predecessors, with the structures which have witnessed the remembrance of Allah for centuries and the thought of visionary Muslim leaders behind their making.

Mosques from Around the World: Review

The course acquaints young Muslims with Masjids of significance around the world and explores their history, significance, legacy and culture.

A knowledge of these facts ensures that our history is not lost and that young Muslims understand the progressive aspect of Islam rather than the regressive impression which the society otherwise feeds them.

It also helps them understand how culture and religion impact each other and how each Masjid is a living proof of this interdependence.

The 12 episode series brings various important yet unsung heroes to light, who helped in spreading Islam far and wide and got each of these Masjids constructed under different circumstances.

Here is a glimpse of what the show unveils:

1. Al Aqsa mosque
The significance of Masjid Al Aqsa doesn’t just lie in the past, it lies in the future as well. Hence it is important for our youth to understand its past, present and future.

2. Masjid an Nabawi
Almost every Muslim yearns to pray in this Mosque. But when and how was it built?

3. The largest mosques in the world
Muslim leaders across geographies and eras have built magnificent Mosques for people to come together and worship Allah. This show is all about bringing them to light.

4. The oldest mosques in the world
Can you name 3 oldest Mosques in the world? No?
Well, you are not alone! Billions of Muslims live on this planet today and only a meagre percentage of them would be able to answer this.
Hence, this show!

5. Most beautiful Mosques in the world
From Mosques which are built on a theme of Hannah to ones which showcase exemplary calligraphy, this part of the show takes you to the most beautiful Mosques in the world.

This is not it! The show also talks about the Ottoman Mosques, Mosques from Turkey, Asia, Maldives and more. This makes it ideal for kids who are otherwise far far away from their roots.

Tips to engage your kids

  • Scrapbooks never go out of fashion, do they? Get your kids to make scrapbooks with their favorite mosques around the world.
  • Kids love storytelling, so set up a storytelling session and get them to narrate the stories of one mosque featured in the series which intrigued them the most.
  • Practicals are way better than theory. Take them to a Mosque and get them to share the stories of different mosques with the young and old.

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