As a mother of four children who are young adults and teenagers, I have a lot to say, but don’t we all have more to say when that particular¬†phase of life is over? Isn’t it easier to give advice when you no longer are in that phase of life? Well, to be honest, I don’t...
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We lived in her womb, were attached to her breast, and dependent on her for our needs. We played with him, slept in his arms, and depended on his provision by Allah’s leave. The attachment we have to our children cannot be summed up within the scope of this article. Alas, children do grow up....
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Salam Dear Muslim Mommy Blogger! If you are one of those Muslim Mommy Bloggers with vast knowledge on parenting, raising, educating and inspiring Muslim kids, then you came to the right place. Ali Huda is “Netflix” for Muslim Kids. This blog is a part of our company which is a hub for Muslim parents. If...
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