Amani And Zhirk Practice Show Review

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(Amani & Zhirk Practice show is suitable for kids with ages 4-12)

Assalam Alaykum dear Muslim parent and reader.

Admit it:

How often do you mention Allah? (Praise and Glory be to Him)

Do you mention Him when you leave or enter the house? What about when you enter or leave the mosque? Do you mention Him in the morning, evening or night? What about after the five daily prayers? 


What about your kids?

Do you teach them to practice dhikr and remember Allah? (Praise and Glory be to Him)

Dhikr (also Zikr or Zekr) is a central part of our deen.

In other words:

It is the most praiseworthy work to earn Allah’s pleasure.

The ritual acts of worship covering an array of activities of the tongue and heart. Dhikr involves being mindful of Allah which entails thinking about Him and making mention of Him at all times and in every area of our lives.

Now imagine this:

What would it be like if there was an educational animation series that uses short, easy to grasp videos to educate children with ages 4-12 on the importance of practicing dhikr and remembering Allah?

That’s right…

Meet Amani And Zhirk Practice: Your Kid’s New Journey To A Meaningful [And Mindful] Life

Amani and Zhirk practice is an exciting animated series created by Kids Noise Studio that uses short video lessons to educate and entertain children with some of the best practices of dhikr.

KidnoisestudioEach of the show’s episode has lessons that will teach your kid how to live a meaningful life by showing acts of kindness, gratitude, compassion, empathy, and goodwill.

In addition to that, Amani and Zhirk practice will take your child to a whole new level of learning Islamic values that were praised by Allah (Praise and Glory be to Him) and his Prophets in numerous verses and hadith.

The Characters:

Amani and Zhirk Practice has one main character named Amani.

Amani is well rounded, firm and intelligent. She frequently reminds her brother Ulum [and her friends] about the importance of practicing dhikr.  

Furthermore, when Amani forgets or simply doesn’t know or understands about a certain dhikr practice – her brother, parents or friends are there to remind her and they make sure she (Amani) practices it.

Let’s take a look at each character in detail;


Amani is the main character in the show.

All episodes and lessons are based on how she [Amani] can live a more mindful life. Amani-the-main-characterThink of Amani as your child…

…still learning basic Islamic values to incorporate into her daily life.

When she forgets to perform an ablution like brushing her teeth before a particular prayer, her brother Ulum reminds her.   

When she performs Wudhu incorrectly, her mother asks her to do it again until she gets it right.

Ulum: Amani’s Big Brother

Ulum is a smart sharp young boy who is always there to remind his little sister Amani, on being mindful and practicing basic Islamic values like voluntary fasting or performing Du’a after every Salah.     


Amani And Ulum’s Parents:

There’s no doubt parents set the best example for their children.

For instance, before every meal, parents should practice the Basmalah out loud and ask their kids to repeat the du’a.

Amani’s mother

Similarly, when entering the house, when leaving the house, when going to sleep, when waking up in the morning, a point should be made of saying du’a. This instills an attitude of gratitude, kindness, compassion, empathy, and goodwill in your child’s daily life.

Amani’s father

Amani’s parents are exactly that, they constantly make sure Amani [and his brother Ulum] are conscious, aware and remember Allah (Praise and Glory be to Him) every single day. 

Other Characters:

There are also some other characters that briefly appeared in the show, including; Fatima, Granny Hafsa, Feisal and Husna.

Let’s look at some of them:

Fatima: Amani’s friend

Although Amani’s friend Fatima appeared only on a handful of episodes, she plays a huge role in Amani’s daily life.


Granny Hafsa:

There’s a whole episode about Amani and Ulum’s Granny. This is when they learnt the valuable lesson of saying jazakallahu khairan, an Islamic expression of gratitude meaning, “May Allāh reward you [with] goodness.”


To Which Age Group Is Amani And Zhirk Practice Aimed At?

Amani and Zhirk Practice target kids with ages 4-12.

At this age, their abilities and understanding of the world around them grow, therefore, they become fond of their parents and like to be part of a family.

If you’re struggling to find entertaining, educational programs or shows for your kids to watch, then you need to look into Amani and Zhirk practice.

From reciting the Basmalah when beginning any activity to brushing their teeth and all the way to perfecting their wudhu, your kids will learn a lot from Amani and Zhirk Practice.

Final thoughts + Your 50% discount:

There’s no doubt dhikr is something of tremendous importance.

It is the most excellent act of Allah’s servants and it is stressed over a hundred times in the Holy Qur’an.


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