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Recommended for Ages 4 to 8

Don’t we all just love the good old days when kids were kids? Girls passed time with playdates featuring rag dolls and hopscotch down the block, while boys got up to mischief on the playground, satisfied with pretend games like cops and thieves, or invisible ninjas.

That was before the world was overtaken by technology and child entertainment became a parade of electronic toys, talking dolls, robots, and every conceivable digital gadget that could blow the mind of the young ones before transitioning to ‘cool’ teenagers.

Most boys (or tomboys) at this stage have an insatiable thirst for toy cars, both manual and automatic –basically anything that runs on wheels……oh and the bigger, the better! Don’t lose your head just yet around those pesky race tracks on your living room floor, or the whining sounds driving you nuts. Doctor McWheelie is here to save the day and channel all that bubbling energy to useful knowledge.

This is an entertaining, very informative show which teaches basic mechanics. It is suitable for kids who love vehicles and motors, as Doctor McWheelie finds solutions to common mechanical problems in her hi-tech garage.

In each episode, she repairs a vehicle in her garage, explaining why it malfunctions and how she is going to fix it. The kids are in for a treat as they can feast their eyes on the various types of automobiles that pass through the garage, from sport cars, to trucks, a limousine and even an armor tank!

The story is told by a narrator in clear words, keeping a pace that is easy for children to follow. The technical jargon is also explained in a way that they can understand, with an excitement that draws them in, becoming a part of each car’s success story.


Doctor McWheelie
She is the star of the show –the fixer. Her cozy little garage is where all the magic happens. She is a smart, tech-savvy mechanic who loves to troubleshoot and literally lives in her blue overalls with a spanner in her front pocket. She does like to take a break sometimes though, whether it’s with her friend, on a vacation, or cruising about town in her yellow cabriolet.

Handy the Robot
This is Doctor McWheelie’s trusty assistant which she built to lighten the workload. He is strong and very fast, plus he is very friendly.

He is Doctor McWheelie’s friend and the only other human character in the series. Senya is a happy little boy and he loves to play with……you guessed it –remote controlled toy cars!

• Encourage your child to watch the show before or after playtime, to create a connection between the show and their own physical toys.

• Let them identify types of vehicles seen on the show and various car parts to broaden their knowledge and get them troubleshooting

• Is your child making a fuss about packing up their toys after playing? Create an incentive by rewarding them with a new episode when they put the toys away.

• You should dwell on the traffic rules shown in the series with your child to teach them about road safety.

• A great idea is to get your little one a toy tool set and toy cars that can be taken apart and re-assembled. They can be little mechanics and actually have some constructive play time. Just make sure to keep them away from your gadgets/appliances, should they start getting more ambitious 😀

This show is the perfect solution, especially for adrenaline-pumped kids that love automobiles and tinkering with things around the house. They can learn about vehicle mechanics, and the works –knowledge that could still be useful years down the line when they’re older and handy around the house.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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