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Can you think back to your first encounter with learning the Qur’an? My earliest recollections of an Islamic education were formed on the carpet of my father’s living room; sitting cross-legged with my younger brother across from our Ustadh and a pile of Arabic texts strewn between us.

To the average preschooler in the beginning stages of Quranic studies, this activity is little more than a melodious exercise and a chance to hang out with friends at madrassah over the weekends.
While my brother and I missed out on the lively atmosphere and mischief which are the hallmarks of learning in a big group, we weren’t spared the monotony of repeating words after our teacher, nor the many funny anecdotes designed to ingrain what we learnt in our memories.

Ali Huda TV

Read Quran for Kids creates a virtual environment for children to learn the Quran, as well as Arabic language in a fun way. The show aims to teach kids how to read Quran verses, read and write the Arabic alphabet and the use of common phrases to communicate in the Arabic language.


This series is an educative, highly entertaining show which makes it very easy for kids to learn the Quran and pick basic lessons in Arabic language. The engaging teaching and delivery mode makes for a brilliant combination positioned to achieve great results.

Each episode is dedicated to a few learning points, which presents the information in a sizeable format that is easy to digest. The show is divided into sections consisting of tilawath (Quran recitation), poetry, writing Arabic alphabet, tajweed (rules of pronunciation), and finally games to round up the lesson.

The lessons are taught by two teachers with warm, exciting personalities that young children can easily relate to. They exhibit a lot of patience in the method of communicating and bring the ‘class’ to life –literally! Your little one might imagine they are right there in front of the room.

• You can get your child started on this series before they begin formal Islamic studies to lay a foundation on which they can build
• Help your kids commit what they learn to memory by practicing the lessons with them even outside viewing time

• There are a number of fun games and tasks incorporated into the lessons to engage your little one’s mind. The alphabet poetry, writing tasks and other games will help sharpen their intellect


A quality Islamic education is very important in the all-round development of young Muslims. It is rare to find a comprehensive program with the right combination of Quran and Arabic language studies in an effective, yet easy format like this show has.

It is based on a standard curated curriculum which serves as a platform to launch your child’s venture into formal Islamic studies. Not only will it equip them with fundamental knowledge, it stimulates their interest and creates a zeal to advance in their education.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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