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Assalaamu alaikum everyone. I have been having such a hard time finding tajweed teachers for my son recently and have resorted to using online means of getting him tutored. I must say, it has been more convenient, but I wish I had started earlier instead of trying to make him unlearn the way he has been saying certain letters all this time. It’s very difficult to correct a child once they have learnt something and you would do yourself a huge favour by making sure your kids learn Arabic correctly from an early age.

Quran 4 Kids

Quran 4 Kids is a great series that can help little kids learn how to read Quran with the correct tajweed. It is a very well structured learning program aimed at kids (and their parents) to help them to read correctly.

It was started by  Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd, a primary school educator, who also studied with Al Manhal, a UK based organisation which teaches tajweed. After passing her exam through the The Jordanian institute ‘The Society of the Conservation of the Quran’, she created this program to help children read Quran with tajweed.

There are many materials in the collection that you can use to help you with your learning journey, such as books, apps, flashcards and worksheets.

The video series is a collection of lessons to help your little one learn a single lesson at a time. Each episode consists of going over the sounds and pronunciation of one or two letters.


Mrs. Kidd is a teacher and has a lot of patience to teach kids about tajweed and how to read Quran with the correct pronunciation.  She was a primary school teacher before she studied Quran and created this series. In each lesson, Mrs. Kidd teaches tajweed to Harris. He is a very enthusiastic young lad and has a lot of fun learning with Mrs. Kidd. Tango the monster also joins in sometimes and he loves to sing the alphabet song.


Each lesson is well structured and follows from the previous one. It focuses on a few alphabets at a time so children are not overwhelmed or confused. There are many activities to reinforce the pronunciation and sounds of the letters. You have to identify how to make the sounds of the letters, match them to the written characters and say them out loud.

You are encouraged to follow along in your Quran 4 Kids books, which can be obtained from their website or you can download their ebook. Even if you do not have the materials, the lessons are easy to follow and you can certainly help your child along with an Arabic alphabet chart yourself.


I recommend this series because it is easy to follow and will definitely help your child to get their tajweed right early on. You’d rather take the pain out of correcting them later in life and make sure they learn the right pronunciation of Arabic letters as soon as they can start speaking. The lessons and fun and enjoyable for kids and parents can learn a thing or two from them as well!






50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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