Zohra Rasool
Qualities of effective Muslim Parents: By Zohra Rasool.   Our beautiful religion Islam, lays great emphasis on the rights of parents on their offspring while at the same time it has been made clear that the parents are responsible for the wellbeing and upbringing of their children. Parents are the role models followed by their...
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The advent of computers, internet and smartphones have made life easier and faster for all of us. With ease of use come many challenges and problems too. One of the problems faced by families of our times is that kids prefer to stay at home and read on their laptops and other devices and hence...
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The word discipline (when used for parenting) refers to the correction of an inappropriate behavior of a child which may or may not be accompanied by some form of punishment. There are many ways that are practiced in various countries and cultures for maintaining discipline, some dating back to the birth of mankind. Research and...
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