Top 7 tips for Muslim Parents

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Humans created rules and regulations to establish a better world. The sense of morality will be lost and the society will fall into chaos without these rules and proper guidance. To maintain a peaceful and orderly society, parenting methods can have a great influence. Because children they are nurturing today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, their upbringing is a matter of great importance. Everything will become a mess in their life if they start to break the rules and this is how people question their faith. Physical, social, emotional and intellectual development depend on the environment a child grows up. Muslims need to understand the significance of the parenting role because Allah (SWT) says; O you who believe, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe. [Qur’an 66:6]

Here are the top 7 tips for Muslim parents:

1.Make more time for your children: Allah will ask both parents how they raised their children. If the parents do not give enough attention and guideline to the children and because of that if the children grow up without practicing Islam, it will be bad for this life and the afterlife. Thus, parents should take parenting more seriously than anything else. Quit if you have any extra job and start to spend more time with the children. It is not possible to give the children proper guidance without being present with them. It is better to spend more time with the family and children than having more money and expensive things.

2.Take interest in what they do: You will have more opportunities to take an interest in what your children do after you make more time for them. If your kid loves gardening, go ahead and help him in the garden. If he develops websites, go ahead and visit his sites. If they love to travel then travel with them. Does your son play football? Attend on his games. You will connect with your children properly by taking an interest in what they do. You will discover it easily if they are doing anything wrong. Address them about it straightforwardly and stop them from doing so. Make them your partners and give them responsibilities within the family. This will build a great connection between you and your children. Take them out to Islamic activities.

3.Provide the right role models: Kids these days prefer the musicians, actors and other celebrities as their idols. As a result, they gradually keep slipping away from Salah and Islam. They tend to have tattoos and pre-marital intercourse. Get them married early to ease the pressure of temptation. You have to become a religious person to be a role model for your children. Apart from that, make them read the life stories of our Prophet (SAW) and his companions. Stop making them think that the musicians and actors are their idols. Help and guide them to take our Prophet (SAW) as their idol so that they can choose the right path for themselves.

4.Have a parenting plan: Having a parenting plan is more important than you think. Read books that are written by Muslims which can help you make a great parenting plan. Your family members will look forward to the same thing that you look forward to If you made plans that are known to everyone in the family. Anticipation is one of your most valued assets. Without planning, nothing can be achieved in life and the same goes for parenting. Start planning, even if you do it just for 3 months at a time. Plan a weekly family meeting to gain updated knowledge about what’s going on in the family. Plan dinners with your kids often. These plannings will help you raise your children in the right way. No doubt, something without planning is waiting for chaos.

5.Nurture them, don’t just educate: We are concerned with the education of our children and we try to admit them to the best educational institute. We seem to forget about the nurturing part. Education gives them the rules and regulations, the guidance and the information they need. But they can only take that information and guidance and put it into action in their daily lives through nurturing. Educating them without nurturing is useless. Teach your children how to be an ideal Muslim from the Quran. Teach them the information and start to put into practice in their daily life.

6.How do other parents get it right: If you see other parents doing well, don’t think that they are great parents and you are not. Every family has ups and downs, good times and bad times. If you are unable to guide your children properly now, that does not mean you will never succeed. Although every kid is unique, you can sometimes follow the methods of the parents that are doing well with their kids. Quran and Sunnah are the best sources of knowledge, and then all the other parenting books and courses are out there that can help you. Have patience and give your child unconditional love even when you are angry. Provide your children with the right structure and routine.

7.Make Dua and read Qur’an: Allah is the one who guides. Insha Allah, your children will be on the right path if you do your job properly as a parent. It will be easier to guide them on the right path if you don’t neglect this duty of yours. Make dua for them every time you finish your prayer. Make dua for them in front of them so that they realize how much you love and care for them. Read the Quran with translation at least 10 minutes a day. Before sleeping and after Fajr are the best time to recite the Quran. You will see the effect soon. This will connect you with Allah and you will soon become the role model helping your family. Choose a part of the basement or living room as the home Masjid and give its responsibility to the children. You can do this effortlessly. Equip your home with Islamic books and turn it into a library. Having a Masjid and Islamic library will keep your kids engaged in an Islamic lifestyle. Being a parent is not an easy task. Guiding children to the right path can be hard sometimes. Every parent has felt difficulty guiding their children to the right path at least once a lifetime. These tips will certainly be a great help for all the parents out there.

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