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Recommended for Ages 6 to 12

Welcome to the final installment in the learning series from Understand Qur’an Academy. We’ve reviewed two courses previously in this series for beginners and intermediate learners. These courses are intended to teach the Qur’an and Salah in an easy and fun way, using surahs, grammar and other Islamic references as relatable teaching aids.

A quality Islamic education is very important in the all-round development of young Muslims. It is rare to find a comprehensive program with the right combination of Qur’an and Arabic language studies in an effective, yet easy format like this show has.


Like the other shows in the series, this course is based on modern teaching models and effective second language learning tools. It also relies heavily on the use of Total Physical Interaction (TPI), which engages all the senses in learning, then translating it to corresponding actions. The basic principles are to Hear it, See it, Think it; Say it, Show it, Do it with love and enthusiasm.

This builds on the foundation laid by the previous courses by exploring more complex parts of speech and advancing in the surahs taught. Motivational tips are included in the episodes to encourage the learner in forging ahead with each lesson.

It is based on a standard curated curriculum which serves as a platform to give your child a firm footing in his/her understanding of the Qur’an. Not only will it equip them with fundamental knowledge, it stimulates their interest and creates a zeal to advance in their education.


  • Maintain consistency in the efforts you make with your child in learning the Qur’an. It requires a strong determination to yield tangible results, so set a rhythm that works for the both of you and stick to it!
  • Learning is more fun in groups. Why not start a group with your child and a couple of their friends to simulate the class feeling which is present in the series?
  • Help your child commit what they learn to memory by practicing the lessons with them even outside viewing time
  • Teach, teach, teach! The best way to learn is by teaching others. Encourage your child to teach what he learns to his peers, family, and just anyone.
  • Download the vocabulary sheets and other course materials from the course website listed at the end of each episode to engage your child with the homework assigned. Follow up on his/her progress and grade their work to generate more enthusiasm in completing it.
  • Make learning Qur’an a whole family affair. Children learn a lot by association and mirroring the actions of the people around them. Set aside some time which is dedicated to Qur’an study by the entire family.


It was reported:

“It will be said to the person who memorized the Qur’an, ‘Read and ascend and recite with slow, rhythmic way just as you used to recite in the worldly life. For verily, your position in Paradise will be at the place of the last verse that you recite’ .”

(Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi)

It is encouraged for Muslims to recite and memorize the Qur’an, especially from a young age when they still have sharp learning instincts and mental reflexes. At the end of Understand Qur’an 70%, your child would have learnt 250 words that appear over 50,000 times in the Holy Book.

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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