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The month of Ramadan is almost here, with just a few weeks left to the start of the holy month. In many Muslim households, preparations have already started in earnest. These include bulk shopping, meal prep, cleaning the home, and even decorating –if your family is that extra 🙂

Ramadan is defined by some fixed rituals for the most part, such as fasting, a heightened spiritual awareness and yes, lots of food (ironic isn’t it?) However, this sacred month is also influenced by a less rigid factor like culture. Have you ever wondered about the differences in how Ramadan is observed in metropolitan Europe, from cultural melting pots like Africa or Asia?

This series puts a spotlight on Ramadan, as it is experienced across different countries with a predominantly Muslim population. Two themes which stand out in all the countries explored are those of family cohesion and social solidarity. Most of the cultural practices are geared towards fostering these two ideals.


Ramadan in the Islamic World is a show which explores the customs and traditions of various societies during the blessed month. It takes the audience on a voyage of discovery which never ends, with amazing things to learn along the way.

It relies on narrative storytelling to pull the viewer into the adventure of each episode. There is no distracting dialogue, allowing the audience to focus and soak in the sights, which are the real attraction of the show.

Each episode explores a different country and reflects different aspects of life during Ramadan including spiritual, family life, commerce, and cuisine. The series captures iconic scenery and architecture with a great attention to detail, which contributes to the appeal and general ambience of each country.


• This series provides ideal entertainment for the children between iftar and taraweeh prayers to unwind after each day’s fast

• Get your kids excited by letting them partake in preparations for the month, e.g. simple crafts for DIY decor, or picking items from store shelves while shopping.

• Get inspired by the local dishes featured in the show. Allow your child pick the iftar menu and try out recipes from around the world together.

• Encourage your child to experience the spiritual virtues of Ramadan especially fasting (according to their ability) and congregational prayers at the masjid.

• Turn this into a fun exercise for the family by creating a travel bucket list of countries from the show. Say yes to Islamic tourism!


Make this Ramadan one to remember for your little ones in all the special ways that count. What this show offers is a unique way to engage their minds in what could otherwise be a boring, detached exercise for them.

Exposure is a powerful tool because it pushes us outside our comfort zones to see things differently and broaden our horizons. The beauty of Islam is the unity we share in faith, even with the diversity in our cultures and norms.

Give your child the best gift this Ramadan by subscribing to Ali Huda TV. With hundreds of hours of halal entertainment, there’s never a dull moment on here. You even get a 50% discount for reading our blog! Get a head start on good deeds by sponsoring a child who can’t afford it to benefit from AliHuda this Ramadan.

Happy viewing and Ramadan Mubarak in advance!

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
About the author

Khadeejah is a lawyer turned writer who enjoys telling stories that represent the Islamic and African narrative. She lives in Nigeria, where she runs a home spa business and loves to test recipes in her spare time. You can follow her on Instagram @scarf_face_


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