Assalamu alaykum dear reader,

At Ali Huda, we are all about education for kids even though we teach them via entertainment.

When we started our journey, we started with Muslim kids and their parents in mind.

Soon we realized that we need to work together with Islamic schools around the world to introduce Ali Huda at schools as well.

For example, most Islamic schools teach the prophets of Allah, however, most knowledge is in written form. Kids read the stories and learn as much as they can. However, later on the same day, they watch their favorite cartoon on tv or on a device. Compared to that cartoon, how we are teaching the stories of prophets at school doesn’t stand a chance.

We believe the prophets of Allah SWT are the real heroes and the role models. We should also tell their stories in world-class quality where kids watch their favorite cartoons.  This is where Ali Huda comes into the picture.

We just started streaming some shows which can be used in combination with Islamic schools curriculum.

If you work for an Islamic school or you have a child that goes to an Islamic school, please, fill out this form.

We are offering a special discount for Islamic schools to offer our kids the best quality education, inshaAllah.

This is not all. We also started a special campaign GET ONE – GIVE ONE to share Ali Huda for those kids who can’t afford.

We are also offering free access to Islamic schools who can’t afford Ali Huda.

50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers

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