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Islam was sent to the Arabs at a time when their ignorance was at its peak. From a group of camel herders, the Arab nations achieved growth and glory through Islam. But what was it about Islam that transformed their state from one extreme to the other. What was it that led to the Islamic Golden Age? What was it about the religion that led 1.8 billion people across the modern world to ardently follow it? If you ask us, it was knowledge. No other religion stresses as much on knowledge as Islam does.

It is said in Islam, “to seek KNOWLEDGE” is obligatory upon every believer”. Interestingly, the first commandment sent down to our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was “Iqra – Read”. Subsequently, the early generations were encouraged to seek knowledge in every sphere of life. They were poets, scientists, mathematicians, teachers, architects, engineers, warriors, doctors and explorers. Through their knowledge, they helped shape the world as we see it today. This also led to the Islamic Golden age which was powered by knowledge.

Islamic Golden Age

Unfortunately, Gen Z is unaware of the rich Islamic history and the important contributions the Muslims have made towards the society. The Islamic Golden age is an in-depth series which acquaints our youth with our glorious past, which shows them exactly why Allah wants them to gain knowledge and how they can apply this knowledge towards beneficial use. The show comprises twelve episodes which tap into topics like how Islamic knowledge changed the world, what has the Quran got to do with science, how Islamic medicine benefited the world and why we need a second Islamic Golden age.

Here’s a sneak peek:

How Islamic Knowledge Changed The World

It was the thirst for knowledge which led early Muslims to make significant world explorations, contributions towards literature, science, medicine and a lot more. It is important for Gen Z to realize that the Quran lies at the core of every advancement the Muslims made throughout the Islamic Golden Age and that following it, they can drive a second golden age.

Quran and Science

Quran and science go hand in hand, the former explaining phenomena that drive the universe and the later proving one after the other as it advances. From the Big Bang theory to the formation of a child and further, to the design of the universe, the Quran explains the macro and the micro. It is important that our kids understand that Quran and science do not contradict and that the early Muslims made significant scientific contributions to the world. Some common examples are cameras, aeroplanes and more.

Islam and Medicine

Who understands the human body better than its Creator?

Allah says in the Quran that He has made a cure for every illness. Subsequently, the Muslims, armed with the Quran and Hadith also contributed a great deal towards medicine based on the knowledge they gained. From psychology and psychotherapy to ophthalmology and pediatrics, modern medicine would be a lot different if the Muslims had not made the inventions they did.

Tips to engage with your kid

  • Set up a quiz asking your kids about Muslim inventors.
  • Make them think about their ambitions and what they can contribute to the Muslim society once they grow up.
  • Get them to invent anything and help them with it!
  • Get them to research their favorite scientific facts and find Quranic verses which support them.

Undoubtedly, their quest for knowledge led them to success. Yours can too! A second Islamic Golden Age is much needed. The question is, are you ready to contribute towards it?

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50% Discount for Ali Huda Blog Readers
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